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THS International, Inc.


David P. Quigley, President


3940 Pendleton Way

Indianapolis, IN 46226

United States


317-541-1580 Office

317-541-1581 Fax


Please contact us if you are interested in more information regarding HIFU and the Sonablate® 500.  Also, if your organization is interested in discussing the development of partnerships please contact us!


We at THS International believe that we have all been given the calling and capacity to help others in this world.  We believe that our neighbors are both near and far from us.


In response to the call for support of the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, we have committed our company to being a corporate sponsor of Loving South Africa (LSA) in the fight against AIDS.  Our management has spent time with the six strategic partners of LSA on the ground in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and can testify to the incredible, Christ-centered work of the LSA staff in Indianapolis - and their partners at “ground zero” in the battle.




85 cents of every dollar given to LSA - makes its way to the street in South Africa in the war against AIDS and indifference.   We encourage you to join us in the fight!  Learn more about how you can help at today.



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