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Focus Surgery's advanced Sonablate® 500 HIFU system is a revolutionary method for providing highly effective localized prostate cancer treatment without the long term side effects common to other modalities.


What Makes it Different?

The Sonablate® 500 HIFU system uses an energy source called “HIFU” (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to thermally destroy tissue only in the focal zone.  By rapidly raising the focal zone temperature from 70-90oC (or about 160 – 200oF), the cells in the focal zone are destroyed without damaging intervening or surrounding tissue.  In addition, it is performed without incision, blood-loss or radiation damage to the patient.  Therefore, other collateral damage caused in surgery (open, robotic or laparoscopic) to surrounding neurovascular bundles allowing erections, and the external sphincter which preserves continence is largely avoided.


In addition, because there is no scars, or radiation damage to the patient, the therapy can be applied more than once to the cancerous tissue.  Consequently, it is ideal for salvage therapy for EBRT (external beam radiation therapy) , cryosurgery, or brachytherapy failures.  Even better, there are several other treatment options for the patients after Sonablate® HIFU therapy – which is not often the case with other modalities.


The advanced Sonablate® 500 HIFU system is designed for the minimally invasive treatment of localized and recurrent prostate cancer using clean, gentle, and precise HIFU energy.


  • Image Guided Therapy

  • Real-Time Imaging & Monitoring

  • Imaging and Therapy in a Single Lens For Safety and Precision

  • High Definition 6Mhz Imaging for Better Resolution and Targeting

  • Reference Images For Shot-By-Shot Therapy Monitoring

  • Dynamic Variable Dosage Levels

  • Easy 2-D and 3-D Treatment Planning Views

  • Multiple Cycle Time Selection for Faster Treatments

  • Dual Focal Lengths For Whole Prostate Ablation and Safer Treatments

  • Real-Time Rectal Probe Temperature Monitoring

  • Safe, Repeatable Treatments for Prostate Disease


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